Super Helpful Video On Ways To Control And Get Rid Of Moths

Catch-It Pest Control have given us this great video all about moths, and the best methods of getting rid and preventing them in our London homes. Although some of the methods are basic common sense, I think some are methods I’ve never even heard of when it comes to dealing with a moth infestation. I own horses, and often come home covered in their hair and just throw my clothes on the floor. I never knew that moths were so attracted to horse hair, so I’m definitely going to step up my vacuuming routine from now on. I’ve never really thought of moths being able to enter my home, but I do have a lot outside, especially during the summer nights, because I have very bright porch lights. It’s great to know that simply keeping a clean home is a method of moth management. There’s a lot of ways you can prevent moths from destroying your belongings, and there’s a lot more I should be doing to deter as many pests from my home as I can. Catch-It obviously have the know-how on these things!