Jay Geier's Scheduling Institute Events

Scheduling Institute is a national private corporation headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, that focuses on teaching practice growth strategies to Doctors in various medical fields - with the majority of their client base in dental fields. Scheduling Institute is the world’s largest dental training company. They provide various trainings, seminars, coaching events, and advising services to more than 2,300 practices around the world.  Jay Geier founded the Scheduling Institute in 1997 to teach practices how to properly answer their phones in order to get new patients to schedule an appointment. The company has since diversified their services and now provides 26 types of in-office trainings and multiple coaching programs for their clients.

Jay Geier developed the Scheduling Institute concept when working as Vice President of Marketing for a large private practice in Georgia. Geier’s marketing generated plenty of calls to the office, but the calls were not translating into new patients. He realized it did not matter how many calls his marketing generated if the people answering the phones did not know how to turn these calls into new patients. With this realization the concept behind the Scheduling Institute was born. Geier spent the next few years studying phone calls made to the practice and testing different techniques for handling these phone calls. Eventually, calls began to translate into new patients, with as many as 601 new patients booked in one week.

Jay Geier spoke at conventions while developing the Scheduling Institute’s first product: a self-study kit, coined the New Patient Generation System, that taught doctors how to leverage their most valuable asset - their staff. The self-study kit was first released in 1997. Even though the kit was working and doctors were increasing their new patients, Jay could see that the self-study kit alone didn’t provide enough accountability for many doctors. In 2005 the Scheduling Institute implemented its first membership program, which included telephone accountability for doctors and their staff.

In 2006, one doctor realized that he was never going to take the time to implement the self-study kit on his own, so he asked Geier to come to his practice to implement the kit and train his team in person. After returning from the training, Geier could tell that having in-office trainings was extremely effective for a practice’s growth and engagement, but knew that he was not willing to personally fly all over the country to train practices. Instead, he personally selected and trained Scheduling Institute’s “Certified Training Specialists”, and began offering in-office trainings - coined “On-Site Trainings” - to clients.

In 2000, Scheduling Institute purchased its first headquarters in Roswell, GA, which was only 1,200 square feet. In 2005 it moved to a 2,400 square-foot suite nearby. In 2008, Scheduling Institute purchased the adjoining suite as space for an on-site Fulfillment team, adding another 2,400 square feet. By 2011 the Scheduling Institute had outgrown its Roswell headquarters, and was moved to its current location in Alpharetta, Georgia - a 37,318 square-foot building with its own in-house Fulfillment center.

The Scheduling Institute now provides over 26 types of On-Site Trainings for their clients, teaching subjects such as new patient generation, marketing, case acceptance, team building, and patient experience, among others. They have trained in all 50 states, as well as in Canada, Puerto Rico, Ireland, England, France, New Zealand, Australia, Latvia, and others. In May of 2015, Scheduling Institute hit its 10,000th On-Site Training.

In 2007 the Scheduling Institute launched its first coaching program, the Platinum Coaching Program.  The program included workshops, an On-Site Training, 4 teleseminars with Jay Geier, coaching calls, a personal advisor, and telephone accountability. It focuses on teaching financial accountability and growing one’s net income. In 2011 the Scheduling Institute launched an advanced coaching program, the“5X Coaching Program”. The program was created when Scheduling Institute realized that some of their clients were purchasing four On-Site Trainings, “The U”, and were attending all events on top of their Platinum Coaching Program. When many of these doctors grew their practices five times over using all of these services together, Scheduling Institute created the 5X Coaching Program. This program includes every service that the Scheduling Institute offers. It is designed to grow practices at least five times their current size over a span of ten years, with some practices growing five times in as little as three years.