Amazing SoundCloud Statistics and Facts – Social NOOR

Whenever we hear word music, which platform comes first to our mind?
Anything popped up. No, to mine is always soundcloud.
Talking about Soundcloud, it’s an audio and music streaming platform that let the artists and music creators create, upload and share music with the entire global community. Not only music, it even lets us share motivational audios, podcasts etc. It was launched in August 2007. As of August 2018, it has 271.97M users. Here the music enthusiasts can find music related to any genre whether its Rock, Hip Hop, Latin, Pop etc. It reaches to 175 million users monthly.

If you are thinking it has been 11 years since it has been launched and it still has meagre users then according to me the reason behind it is unacquaintance of the people. Until people don’t know about it, how come they will connect with it and earn huge chunks of money and simultaneously go viral in no time. For every music freak, artists, podcaster etc, it is must to have an account at Soundcloud as it can take your account to whole new heights and demonstrate your music to intended community. Just to make you more intellectual, we have jotted down quick amazing statistics and facts about Soundcloud in the following enthralling infographic by Social Noor. Check it now to see what it holds for you.