Smart Goals: Planning a Year of Cool and Easy Success
Success in life can be cool and easy.
It’s no accident that I traveled two months in Europe in 2014, completing the Camino de Santiago (a 440+ mile trek across Spain documented in my memoir, 'Riding the Camino Dragon').

In 2015, I wanted to get married. It was unclear how that turn of events would occur but it didn’t matter. I met and married my ideal true love that same year.

In 2016, I wanted to begin a family. Again, I wasn’t sure exactly how it would come to pass, but it didn’t matter. In 2016, I began the journey of achieving cool and easy success in this area as well.

This is the story I’ll reveal in this book, but first, I have a question for you.

What is the desire of your heart this year?

'Smart Goals' is designed to help you experience exactly what you want - even if you're not yet sure what you want.